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Importing a CSV file into LogonAssist

The CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format provides a common way of transferring tabular data between programs and between computers. It is recognised by many spreadsheet programs, for example.

Import CSV  imports a LogonAssist file from a plain-text Comma Separated Variable file. This may be useful if you want to transfer the data from a database, for example. Also, LogonAssist is supplied with a number of CSV sample files which you can import to get you started.

Imported accounts are appended to the end of the Explorer Bar to make it easier to delete any unwanted ones. To insert a wanted account into its proper place, select it and use Save Details    .

If  you want to create your own CSV file for import, it should conform to the specifications below. It might be useful to use one of the supplied sample files as a starting point.

  1. All records are data records (i.e. there should be no column headers)
  2. Blank fields or columns should contain at least one space 
  3. Columns are used as in the table below
ColumnInformation Area field name
1None - should be '1.2.1' (without the quotes)
4Last Updated
5Reminder Interval (days)
6None - should be a count of the number of Field / Value pairs which follow
subsequent Field / Value pairs (one column for Field, one for Value)

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