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Changing the appearance

The Appearance tab of the Options dialog lets you change how LogonAssist looks in a number of ways:

  • Specify whether or not to show icons in menus
  • Change the size of icons in the Tool Bar *see note 1
  • Set background colours for the Explorer Bar and for the Information Area
  • Change the entire 'Look and Feel' between Java's and your Operating System's (this may also affect how your keyboard and mouse interact with the program).  * see note 2

At the bottom of the Appearance tab is a button which allows you to set the appearance to its factory default.

* note 1    Icons for disabled commands will not appear at the new size until you restart LogonAssist
* note 2   While Java does support different Looks and Feels, its support for changing them dynamically is limited. Some elements will not change until you restart LogonAssist.  

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