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General options

Use the General tab of the Options dialog to change the following:

At the bottom of the General tab is a button which allows you to set the above options to their factory defaults.

File attributes

Use the Folder button to set the folder which you want the Open and Save File dialogs to use.

Use the Type button to set the file type you want the Open File dialog to use. Note that what you set here will NOT be used when saving a file: you must enter the file type yourself.

Field names

Tick the check box against any of the field names you want included when you use Start New Account .

Save Options on Exit

Tick this check box if you want your options to be saved automatically when you exit LogonAssist. If the box is unticked and you change any options, you will be asked whether you want to save the changes when you exit LogonAssist.

Auto set Last Update

This box controls what LogonAssist does with the Last Updated field when you update an account. Bear in mind that you might sometimes update an account just to change its name or Web address. Under those circumstances you will not want to change the Last Updated field, which works in conjunction with the Reminder Interval to help you make sure you change your account password details from time to time.

When you update an account and Auto set Last Update option is checked, LogonAssist looks to see whether you have changed the Last Update date. If you have, it honours that change. If you have not, it sets it to today's date.

When the Auto set Last Update option is not set, all maintenance of the Last Updated field is your responsibility.

Show Tutorial when program starts

When you first install LogonAssist, the Getting Started tutorial is shown every time you start it. When you do not want this to happen any more, untick this box.

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