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Setting timers

The Timers tab of the Options dialog lets you set these options:

  • The number of minutes of inactivity before the Information Area is cleared and you have to enter a new password. Valid values are 1 through 60.
  • The number of days used as the default password reminder interval for a new account. Valid values are 1 through 366.
  • The number of days after which you want to be prompted to change the master password for a file. Valid values are 1 through 366.

Timers may be set in a number of ways:

  • using the slider
  • using the up/down arrows to the right of the numeric display
  • typing a number directly into the numeric display

At the top of the tab is a 'Snap Sliders to Ticks' box. When checked, all timer values are adjusted to the nearest tick mark on their slider scale.

At the bottom of the tab is a button which allows you to set all timer values to their factory defaults.

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