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How LogonAssist protects your data

LogonAssist has been designed so as to protect your data at all times. It uses a 128-bit encryption algorithm to encode all the sensitive data in an account record. The only time this data is decoded is when you want to look at a particular account. The Information Area decodes the data, but all other accounts remain encoded both on the LogonAssist file and in the computer's memory.

So as to protect your data from even this limited exposure, LogonAssist blanks out the Information Area and Explorer Bar after a period of time and forces you to re-enter the file password. You can set how long this period is using the Options dialog.

File passwords are NEVER stored. As soon as you enter one, it is translated into something different which is actually used to encrypt your data. You might wonder how LogonAssist determines whether you have entered the right password for a file if it does not store it. The answer is that the encryption key is used to encode a known piece of information, which is then stored in the file. When you enter a password, the resulting key is used to decode that piece of information. If it decodes correctly, LogonAssist knows you got the password right.

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