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How you can protect your data

Good security does not come about by accident. A tool like LogonAssist can help you develop good security habits, but ultimately it is you who must make life difficult for those who want to pry into your private affairs. Here are some suggestions about what you can do to keep your signon data safe.

  • Change the password information for each of your accounts regularly. How often it is appropriate to do so will vary from one account to the next. Use LogonAssist's password reminder feature to remind you when it is time to change the details for a site.
  • Use different usernames and passwords on different sites. LogonAssist makes this a realistic possibility.
  • Following on from that, bear in mind that there is no need to tell the truth about your Mother's Maiden Name, or the Last School You Attended.
  • Choose obscure usernames and passwords wherever you can. The only reason not to do this is that they are hard to remember. With LogonAssist, you don't need to remember anything.
  • Make sure you back up your LogonAssist file regularly. Once you have developed the habits suggested above, you'll have little chance of logging on to an account without it!

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