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You are viewing the Web version of the Help for LogonAssist version 1.2.2. All the pages are here, but the navigation facilities are limited to those offered by your browser. Please note that when viewed within LogonAssist it incorporates full Table of Contents, Index, and Search navigation facilities.

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LogonAssist Help

The navigation pane to the left has three tabs:




Expanding and collapsing nodes

The Contents and Index tabs each present data in a tree view. You can expand and collapse parts of the tree by double-clicking on them or by single-clicking on the icon to their left.

The Find box

The Index and Search tabs each have a Find box. Type the words you are looking for into it and press the Enter key.

When used in the Index tab, the box provides a quick way to go to a particular index item. Partial words may be used - try typing 'explo' for example.  

When used in the Search tab, the entire Help system is searched for complete word matches.

Previously seen topics

You can navigate through previously-seen topics using the Next  and Previous buttons.


Individual topics may be printed using the Print  and Page Setup  buttons.

Viewing the Help in another browser

You can browse LogonAssist help outside the application in a browser of your choice.

The main index is folder/resources/account/help/index.htm, where folder is the folder in which you installed LogonAssist.

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