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Changing the password for a file

You should change the master password for your LogonAssist file from time to time. 

When you want to do so, use ChangePassword 

First of all, you will have to enter the file's current password to verify your authority to make the change.

When you have correctly entered the current password the 'Enter New Password' dialog is displayed. This will require you to enter the new password twice to detect typing errors. 

Note that, as with all changes you make during a LogonAssist session, the new password will not be made permanent until you use Save  or SaveAs  . (It is worth noting here that for security reasons the password is NEVER saved as part of the file. More details of how LogonAssist uses your password may be found in How LogonAssist protects your data).

How often you change the master password for a file is up to you. LogonAssist keeps a note of your wishes in each file you use, and reminds you when you open the file whether it is due for a change. To update the reminder interval for a file, use Options  and then select the Timers tab.

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